Tutorials in PDF format

I am a newbie to Mylio and really wanted an offline way of looking at some documentation while I am still learning. I was pointed to the online tutorials which turned out to have more information in them than I had realized. I copied and pasted the tutorials into an MS Word doc and created the PDF that I have uploaded here. This file has never been printed or properly proofed. The PDF isn’t formatted the way a PDF should be but the information is there and easily searchable or printable if you want. There is both a TOC and bookmarks. If anyone wants to improve this doc I will happily send them the very large MS Word file. I have a few fairly urgent questions but I will read my own manual :slight_smile: before I post my questions here…Jackie


Hi Jackie thanks for your post. I am new to Mylio. Like you, I too wanted some type of written documentation to reference as I was getting my devices set-up and photos loaded plus learning the basics of the software. My problem is I can’t seem to find you link to download you PDF file. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks for your help.

Not a printable PDF or a classical help file, but here are some pages available online.

Mylio help pages

Here is the tutorials manual. Hopefully this upload works OK. I am not sure this is working properly as I get a message at the end of the upload about cloud sharing. The manual is about 16 mb. If it doesn’t work could someone please tell me why. In the meantime, if you are interested contact me and I will send it to you…Jackie

I just found out that I the manual is too large to upload at 16mb. There was an error message but with my zoom level I only saw the last few words which weren’t very explanatory. Here is a link to use for now. It might not work long term. I am not sure how to get a 16mb file into the forum. Mylio Tutorials PDF …Jackie

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The Help section and Tutorials are very confusing to follow. Each page is separate, some have “back” and “next” arrows at the bottom, but aren’t sequential, and it’s hard to know what’s going on. Something in an online book format structure would be very helpful for us beginners. I am sure the info I want is in there, but I can’t find it. The content for each Tutorial section, “Getting Started”, “Importing”, “Syncing & Protecting”, etc., closes when an article is chosen, so you have to go back to the folder and reopen and click the next article.

I am definitely a “read the manual” person, a “flipbook” or PDF or other Guide with a Table of Contents would really help!

Hi Barb, Here is the link to the PDF that I created from Mylio’s help text. It does have a TOC and is searchable. Enjoy…Jackie