Unable to unregister OneDrive sync

I followed all the instructions here, Protecting Media to Microsoft OneDrive - Mylio Support, including entry of my Mylio account password. Then nothing happens. This has been the case for two weeks.

System Version: macOS 11.4 (20F71)
Kernel Version: Darwin 20.5.0
Boot Volume: Macintosh HD
Boot Mode: Normal

If unregistering OneDrive in the Mylio app isn’t working, you can try to unregister it from the account management page (https://account.mylio.com/). Log in to your account and then click on the red “X” next to OneDrive in your devices list.

Thank you!

I tried what you recommended but it did not work. I removed OneDrive from my sync settings on my Mylio account management page.

From the web, OneDrive does not show as connected.

Then I started Mylio on my Mac. Mylio on my Mac still shows OneDrive as connected.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Mylio (twice) but I still get the same results: it is connected to OneDrive and busy uploading pictures, which I don’t want. (I want to upload pictures from my wife’s computer since her OneDrive account has more free space.)

This is how it looks on the Mylio account web page:

I’m sorry this is still giving you trouble. Please submit a support ticket from the Mylio app on your computer (the one that shows OneDrive is still connected). You can do this via Help > Contact Mylio Support in the menu bar. This will allow us to see what’s happening with Mylio on your computer and figure out why it thinks OneDrive is still a device on your account. Thanks!

I’ll submit a report today if I am able to. Right now, Mylio says it is having a “long-running catalog operation,” a state that it has been in since last night.

The persistent long-running catalog operation may be a clue as to why things are not being properly updated on your computer. If you’re still seeing the message, you can try opening Mylio in Safe Mode. First, quit Mylio. Then hold down the Alt/Option key when reopening Mylio to launch the Support Options Window. Choose “Open in Safe Mode”. You should then be able to submit a support ticket from the app.

I did submit one from the app despite the long-running catalog operation. However, I will do it again from safe mode.

I submitted one yesterday (or maybe it was Thursday) and another is in progress now with Mylio started in Safe Mode last night. I say “in progress” because Mylio, even in safe mode, is mostly showing busy cursor since last night and “not responding” in the Mac Activity Monitor.

Please let me know if you have or have not received these support ticket requests.

I do not see any support tickets from you, unfortunately. It sounds like Mylio might have gotten stuck before the ticket went through. Could you please email support@mylio.com and reference this forum post so we can continue to help troubleshoot the issue?