Understanding the Sync Panel

The Sync Panel is a helpful tool for understanding what is synced where and also what still needs to sync to which device. You can enable the sync panel by opening the View Menu (3 dots in top right corner), then selecting “Settings”, then Advanced. Scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Settings and toggle on the “Sync Panel”. The Sync Panel will appear as a 4th Tab in the Details Panel (http://mylio.com/support/details-panel/). The Sync Panel will show a Devices section and an Activity section. You may need to “drop down” the menus if you do not see any devices listed.

In the Devices section, Mylio will show you each device, whether or not it is Connected (text is white) or Not Connected (the device is faded). Connected devices will always be at the top and disconnected devices pushed to the bottom. There is a tiny gear icon in the Sync Panel that will let you show/hide offline devices from the Sync Panel.

There are also 3 bars under each device in the sync panel. The bars represent Thumbnails, Previews and Originals and the color represents the sync status:

  • Green means the device “wants” to sync the media and has it.
  • Orange means that the device “wants” to sync the media, but doesn’t have it yet.
  • Grey/Black means the device doesn’t “want” the media and doesn’t have it.
  • Green Squiggly line means the device doesn’t want the media, but it has it (also known as cached media).

For more information see: https://support.mylio.com/selective-sync/


Can you expand a bit on this and say what the numbers on the sync panel mean? Here’s a screen shot from my iPhone.

I gather that the 3365 for Phonon2 means that device thinks it should have 3365 thumbnails from someplace, but does not have them. Is that correct?

By the same logic, the 2902 for the iPad would mean that device wants 2902 thumbnails from someplace. I think that implies that this device knows what another device wants.

But when I look at the iPad itself, the sync panel is completely green. It thinks it is completely up-to-date. Same for my MacBook Pro.

It seems to me that all of the sync panels should show essentially the same thing (for devices that are connected). But they don’t. Please explain!

PS: This sync has been taking several hours. Any strategies for speeding things up? Have ALL the devices on? Just one vault and one other? Something else?

For iOS devices at least, you need to not only leave them on - but also have Mylio running in the foreground. iOS does not currently allow apps to do peer-to-peer sync in the background.

@jimre – Yup, got that; did that. Thanks for the reminder, though.