Undo on remove and delete not working

This is not really a feature request, it’s a bug report.

I see undo in the Edit Menu but it’s not obvious that they work. After selecting and deleting (with “delete” key) and then type Cmd-Z and I don’t see the photo reappear. In one trial, I have the Album as Date Ascending so it should appear back in its place.

Also I can’t see the “delete” key anywhere in the menus. Something as important as delete should also appear in a menu.

Remove from album is in a menu as Cmd-delete (as an icon which does not appear on an Apple keyboard AFAIK).

Am I missing something?

I’m a bit confused about what scenario you’re talking about BUT I do find this confusing for when I “remove” a photo from an album. The delete key alone with remove it, and there seems to be an undo option but the photo doesn’t come back.

I didn’t go far enough with this.

So the labeling in the menu is wrong or incomplete. In Album view (tab) Cmd-delete is shown as remove from Album


In All Photos view (tab), the same command is listed as Delete File

Yet it appears delete key does the same thing. Are Cmd-delete and delete the same in these two cases? If so the menus need changing. The documentation only has delete (no Cmd-delete).

You can delete a file in Album view using a right click and selecting delete.

I can see the logic of having delete be context sensitive (although one can forget if they are in an Album or All Photos). But while in Album view I’d like a keyboard shortcut to be able to delete a file also. (Use case is that I bring all photos from an event into an Album and then downselect for posting on Smugmug but as I often have multiple nearly the same photos or plain bad photos I’d just like to delete the file). Not only is there no shortcut, but if you right click you have to confirm your choice.

I tried using Keyboard Maestro to program deleting a file in Album View, but can figure out how to simulate selecting delete after the right click since typing “del” doesn’t do anything (which it often does in this situation on true macOS apps.

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