Unsupported file type

I have a lot of unsupported files (CRW from Canon EOS 300D) that i have imported from an old NAS to a new Vault. They are currently without thumbnails because they are unsupported.
I have created a request for support of the CRW file type.

My question is, if the CRW files are supported in the future, will Mylio automatically update with thumbnails etc. or should i do something actively to get the thumbnails?

One workaround is to use Mylio’s “Display Image” feature: Creating Display Images for edits made outside of Mylio - Mylio Support

I didn’t shoot a lot of raw files with my old 300D - but I found a couple dozen. So I tested this using Adobe Lightroom (could do this with most any RAW editor that supports .CRW):

  • Selected the .CRW files in LR

  • Export To: Same Folder as Original Photo

  • Export as JPEG (whatever size/resolution you want)

  • Rename to: Custom Settings: {Filename}_display

On my computer, these files are located in a Source Folder being watched by Mylio. Almost immediately, Mylio saw these new files - and used the JPEG to display the thumbnails (and larger preview). The “Info” panel in Mylio now shows these files as a “bundle” file name - eg, CRW_5226.(crw,jpg,xmp)

Thanks Jimre,

I will try this as a workaround.

Best regards

It is also ok of the jpg files have the same names As the crw files.

Because of the new OCR feature (which you cannot disable) I’m still on v3.12 without CR3 support. So my workflow is to first import the JPGs and after Mylio recognized them, also the corresponding RAW files. By that Mylio is happy and won’t show any unsupported files.

Thanks for your suggestions for work around, but does anybody have any knowledge about what happens with existing CRW files if/when Mylio will support them in a future update?

Do i need to re-import all of them or will they automatically get thumbnails, info etc.?

Frankly, I’d set your expectations low. Realistically I think this format will never be supported by Mylio. It’s long-since been obsoleted. Canon’s CRW format hasn’t been supported on new cameras since 2005. And way fewer people ever shot RAW back then (the format was obsolete even before Lightroom existed). There’s almost no demand for it.

My advice: either live with one of the JPEG workarounds described above, or consider converting all these files to DNG instead (Adobe’s free DNG converter app will work with CRW).

To answer your specific question - when Mylio introduces support for a new RAW format, it appears that you don’t need to do anything. At least that’s how it worked for me when they recently added Canon .CR3 support. All my blank squares quickly started filling in automatically, presumably since Mylio knew these file were missing Thumbs & Previews (since they couldn’t be generated before) so it started generating them.

EDIT: all of my .CR3 files were in a Source Folder (eg, being “watched”). I don’t know if that makes a difference whether (or how quickly) this happens.

Thanks Jimre.

I do not have high hopes, but miracles do happen :slight_smile:

Anyhow, i appreciate your suggestions and advice.

Since the format is so old, you may want to consider converting them the DNG with Adobe’s free converter tool. The problem you’re facing is one reason dng has been fairly widely accepted. That’s what I did a few years ago and the process can be automated.