Unwanted changes in source folder

I’m evaluating mylio. Is one of the best solutions I ever seen. But I’m afraid to let mylio manage my photos. My source folders, photo and video, are on external SSD. A NAS is the other Vault
I had a bunch of duplicated photos in 2007 folder with monthly subfolders and it was difficult to resolve in Mylio. I turned off the secure delete.
I repaired the problem outside mylio, I remove the folders in the local copy and in the NAS.
The secure delete still off.
Today I’ve discovered that mylio was moving in the source the files out of their subfolders and placing them on the root photo folder
Why mylio is doing that on the source? Source should be untouched if any action is not confirmed by the user!

Please help me to understand what happened. What I did wrong.

Thanks !


Mylio certainly shouldn’t be moving files in your Source Folders. That’s the whole idea of Source Folders: they exist outside of Mylio’s managed space.

How do you know Mylio was moving these files? When you say "placing them on the root photo folder" - do you mean the /Mylio Pictures folder? Or do you mean the root folder of your SSD?

More details - like specific drive/path names of your Source Folders - would be helpful for us to understand.

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This sounds a little scary.

I have only ever allowed Mylio to work with a copy of my photos, until I understand what it is doing! It does create a copy of your directory structure but it should not be moving anything.

Hi. I have the following structure folder in a SSD in my mac

20070110 Event 1
20070222 Event 2
20070410 Event 3

In fact Mylio altered my source in two ways.

I stopped Secure Delete and I removed duplicates (not sure about the origin) (always ended with *-1.jpg in 2007 subfolders.
I discovered that mylio started to duplicate again those files. In the source and in the NAS vault.
Stopped mylio, I removed all 2007 subfolders and restore them from a copy in my NAS. I also remove all 2007 folders in other places, NAS /Mylio Pictures, etc…
Started Mylio again and what happened was that files that were in my source subfolders like
20070110 Event 1 file1 file2
20070222 Event 2 file3 file4

were moved in this way, to 2007 root
\Volumes\Data\Photos\2007 file1
20070110 Event 1 empty
20070222 Event 2 empty

two undesired behaviours, duplicating files in source and moving them… yes very scary and I’ve lost completely my initial joy with a product like this.

Hopefully the root cause could be determined to be confident again. Something that mylio has to do with source files should require endless confirmations!
Are you sure to write this to…?
Are you sure you want to move X to Y?
Are you sure that you are sure???

Last Edit.
I have discovered now that mylio has added the folders 2007XXYY Event N as Source folders, in both vaults, the SSD and NAS. Weird


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None of what you are describing should be possible within Mylio. It appears to me that you are trying to “fool” Mylio by manually deleting & restoring stuff from both your original source folders and your Vault backup. Unfortunately it’s not working the way you hoped.

Please contact Mylio support, have them look at your system & let us know what they say. Thanks!

Yes. You are describing what I did. Mylio does not offers all the control I need. Sometimes you need to do things faster. I removed folders in source and restore it from a backup (not mylio vault ). But why Source Folders are not respected by Mylio? The name says “Source Folders”.

Thanks for your responses.



Sorry but we disagree. Source Folders ARE respected by Mylio. Mylio does NOT just randomly move & rename stuff in your source folders. I’ve used multiple source folders in Mylio for 6 years - the vast majority of my 300K photo library - with nothing even remotely like you’re describing.

I believe you are either misunderstanding, or you’ve accidentally damaged something in your attempts to manually “fix” things.

Again, PLEASE contact Mylio support so they can properly disagnose what has happened in your case. (Attention @Mylio_Michael, @Mylio_JC )

Thanks for your interest.
You can disagree, but this not change the truth. Things has happened as described: independently on the external trigger, files in source subfolders were moved to upper folder by mylio and these subfolders added as sources. I know what I saw, I know what I am doing. I am in IT using any kind of systems for 35 years.
If I can I will reproduce the problem to contact support.
Thanks again.

Hypothesis: you told Mylio to re-organize your source folder(s). Organize -> Organize Folders

That’s the only way I’m aware of, where Mylio can possibly move & rename source folder contents. And doing so gives you a clear warning:


Hi Carlos - yes, please contact Mylio Support form your device (got to the Help menu and choose Contact Support). This will create a support ticket in our system, but more importantly, it will send us log files form your system so we can take a closer look at your setup.


It happened with my Mylio database three times! Once I’ve spent a day fixing the mess that Mylio did with my database.
This mess happens when:
You have multiple Vaults, AND You delete a folder with pictures and then add a folder with the same name.

I found an approach to avoid this mess.
So, if you need to remove folders from Mylio (it doesn’t matter how to do it - from inside Mylio UI or from outside directly in the file system), stick the approach:

  1. Delete a folder
  2. Wait until ALL Vaults are synchronized. DON’T DO any changes in Mylio in that time
  3. Re-create/Re-Add a folder and pictures
  4. Wait until ALL Vaults are synchronized. Check the absents of the mess.

I’m pretty sure the problem is rooted in the Mylio synchronization algorithm.
And don’t spend your time with the support - they will not help you.


I have seen this happen too, in the past.

My experience has been the opposite - they have tried to help me more than any other company I deal with!

I’ve had this problem also. I noticed photos disappearing a few times before I figured out that it was Mylio. I had to install file watcher software to monitor my photo folders and alert me if any files are modified or deleted.

Dmitry is probably correct about the multiple Vaults, I have a few as backups. They never seem to get fully synchronized.

I haven’t seen the issue since one of the big updates maybe two months ago (I can’t say which). Still, I keep the file watcher on whenever Mylio is running.