Upgrading external drive containing Source Folders

My Mylio runs on a Mac.

My external main photo hard disk drive comes to age.
It contains ‘Source Folders imported without moving’ and other image folders not imported.

I think of replacing the drive by a bigger and faster SSD.

Will Mylio recognize the new drive if - outside of Mylio - I make it an identical copy of the existing drive and rename it to the exact name of the old drive?

There was no reply to my question - so finally I tried it with my Mac Mini 2018 / Big Sur:

  • copied the source folders with together more than 100.000 photos to a new external drive
  • exited from Mylio
  • disconnected the old drive
  • renamed the new drive to the name of the old one
  • restarted Mylio

… and NO PROBLEM and thanks to the SSD, working with the original folders and files is much faster now.

I did this on a MAC, I don’t know, if this will work on a Windows-PC (there are forum members that in other threads reported about problems with drive letter changes)

I am new to Milio. I use MC. How did you setup Milio to use an external drive as the place all your photos are retained?

Hi elcac36 and welcome to Mylio. It is a powerful tool with a fast learning curve.

My setup is quite simple.
I installed Mylio on my Mac Mini.
Because of limited memory on the Mac Mini, I do not have photo originals on it.
I had a very large photo library from using Adobe Lightroom on an external disk drive.
I wanted to continue using Lightroom with this external disk.
That is why I used “import from external drive without moving” and choose my Main Lightroom catalog folder as Source folder.
Be aware, that Mylio makes such drive a vault, so you need sufficient free space on the drive if you have other photo sources e.g. from you mobile telephone.
In the Dashboard I have set the Mac Mini to only have previews, so the memory usage there remains acceptable.
I have two more external drives as pure vaults for Mylio to back up all photos.

For me, this setup works very well. It allows me to take along my Lightroom drive when I stay in my country home, where I have an iMac with Mylio installed. This way I can work both with Mylio and Lightroom on my photos.

If you have more questions, don´t hesitate to come back to me.

Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I have several disk with photo as well and also use LIghtroom CC. when you said you “choose my Main Lightroom catalog folder as Source folder”, does that mean you moved your LR catalog to the disk that has Milio?

No, I did not want to move the LR catalog but keep it on the external drive as my computers home drive is to small for all originals of my photos.

Use the most left of the 5 icons on the top right side of the Mylio window, called IMPORT > choose EXTERNAL DRIVE > choose your LR drive > choose ADD WITHOUT MOVING > choose one or more folders you want to add to your Mylio library.