Upload crash reports & logs automatically as an option?

After trying to help mylio figure out an intermittent bug with amazon syncing, and finding the manual process of doing so a bit arduous, I would like to be able to just check a box to upload crash reports / force quits along with other logs automatically to mylio, kind of like an opt in MSFT Customer Experience Improvement Program: Participate in Microsoft's Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) - Lync for Windows Phone

I want to get my bugs fixed, but after a certain point its just too much work to go through the process of turning log levels up and down, sending emails, and manual filing support tickets every time I run into it.

At this point I just want to opt in to automatic log collection, let them notice how an SD card import of 40 photos is never getting anywhere and fix it automatically. Or just file a support ticket once and then instead of having to upload logs each time it happens let them monitor my instances for bad behavior, update the log collection as needed through updates and fix the bug without much participation on my part afterwards. Then once I notice my bugs go away, I can turn it off on my side.

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