Version 3.17 fixes the sticky scrolling - Yay!

Love the improved version 3.17 so far. That sticky scrolling fix is brilliant. Thanks to dev team.


What do you mean with sticky scrolling exactly? Before the update, when I zoomed into a picture and scrolled to another one and then back, the zoom was still there. After the update the zoom is always resetā€¦ I like the old behavior moreā€¦

When viewing all of your photos in the gallery view, if you scrolled to the top you couldnā€™t scroll down. The only way to move down was to select a photo and use the arrow keys. You only needed to do that once, and then could scroll again as usual with the mouseā€¦ Unless you scrolled back to the top, where it would ā€˜stickā€™ again.

Try holding the shift key as you move from one picture to the next using the cursor keys.

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