Videos within Mylio

Are others storing videos within Mylio? Or do you use alternative programs? I do, for the backup and syncing features, but really wish i could tag people and pick displayed thumnails for my videos. Along with fliter/sort videos by Size, Resolution and Length.

Other ideas for videos within Mylio?


I use Mylio for all my videos.
Yes, tagging people in videos would be great, especially if it didn’t mess up the facial recognition learning algorithm. (Since the algorithm wouldn’t know what frames the tagged person is in.)

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Videos should be

  1. playable within the Mylio App
  2. Should support GPS coordinates

Yeah, tagging people in videos would be amazing for me!


I ported over from Picasa where I had organized both photos and videos. It worked well with Picasa (until it was orphaned) as one could see the flow of photos and videos together. I had spent many hours updating captions, dates/times and tagging.

I am also using Mylio to track my videos. However, it has not been easy to import the metadata changes I had made in Picasa to Mylio, as metadata resided outside of the video files unlike most photos. I am wondering if anyone has figured out an easier way to import metadata from third-party video programs like Picasa into Mylio.

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I keep all my videos within Mylio. I too would love to have at least the ability to play a video WITHIN Mylio and be able to trim both ends of the clip. No need for serious editing, just the ability to trim either the front or back of a clip from within Mylio.


I also use Mylio for all my videos. However I do not tag people (neither on photos nor videos) so don’t really miss it. At least I havn’t used it much yet. I’ve never found a use for it. I use keywords instead, which I find more versatile.
Don’t really mind not being able to play videos within Mylio either. I use mpv ( which is a super-lightweight media player that opens instantly.

What I do miss though is the ability to select displayed thumbnail and to filter by video attributes.

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I also endorse the request of an embedded video player, especially on mobile devices the use of an external video player caused me serious delays and even problems viewing the file.

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I use Mylio for video files extensively, but ran aground when Mylio started ignoring video xmp files. See my entry in the thread labeled “Poll: Who uses the XMP-files…” for more details.

Mylio has focused on images all along, so there were things I felt I needed to do to live with Mylio as it is.

  • Have capture dates and times that are correct - Mylio is really poor at that
  • View downsized videos on my mobile devices without needing internet

Sorting by date/time with bogus dates gives a very confusing folder or album view, especially if several cameras have been used.

I found that shooting 4k videos let’s me grab great shots easier than shooting a burst, but they are simply too large to download many originals to my tablet to cull, rate, and caption.

I’ve had many fruitful discussions with the folks at Mylio and know they are thinking hard about videos. With so many cameras now providing great video, the handwriting is on the wall.

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I use it for all my photos and videos. I have tagged people in videos using the Other People section of the video, then it includes within the person’s People profile quite nicely. You have to select more than 1 item to get the + to appear next to Other People, which is a little work around but nothing mega. Then you just delete the additional tag on the other item.

I’ve done this for thousands of videos and works well.

Much better than Apple Photos version of doing it with bodged keywords which don’t link to People…


Hi @matherton, could you elaborate how you are tagging faces in videos? I seem to be unable to find a way to do so …

Thank you!

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If you select 1 video the Other People section does not have the + however if you select more than 1 item (2 videos, 1 video and 1 photo etc) then you get the + to appear as per the screenshot below. Once this appears you can then add People to that item.

Screenshot 2020-04-19 at 17.48.26

If you (as I have had to do a few times) have to select an additional item that the People tag is irrelevant to, then you can just select that item, and then delete the person you have manually assigned to it.

Hope this helps, its worked well for me so far. Let me know if you need any further guidance




Thank you so much, @matherton! It was the “multiple items” piece that I was missing.

To the Mylio team, if they are reading along: This seems like a UX glitch?


No worries, it was someone from Mylio that showed me how to do it about 6 months ago so they are aware of the issue & workaround, or they were then :slight_smile:

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Thanks heaps for sharing. And props to Ionos for asking to clarify, i just thought i was stupid not understanding at first… :rofl:

We still are :slight_smile:

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I’m glad to hear that as I just started to tag people in my videos (for events of my children filtered for them to also show videos) and it’s a super complicated process due to the requirement to select at least two videos.

Let me elaborate my workflow:

  1. I added all my videos to a category “untagged videos”
  2. I’m scrubbing through the videos one by one on my iPad (which is also my only option as there’s a bug that basically crashes Mylio playing video on my Mac and scrubbing on the Mac is maybe also not as fast as on iPad)
  3. I then manually type in a keyword for each person in it (which is a challenge to not make typos and also to use the same case as Mylio seems to be case sensitive for keywords)
  4. I give the video the blue label after I added each person’s name
  5. For each keyword I assigned this way, I run this search:
    keywordexact:NAME label:blue
    to be returned with the videos for the NAME that I labeled
  6. I select all videos and am able to add a person tag for NAME
  7. repeat steps 5-6 until all name keywords have been applied as a person (oh and somehow keep track which ones have done and still need to be done).
  8. After I’ve somehow made sure to have tagged all persons, assign the videos to the facetagged videos category and remove the untagged videos category.

Wow, this is really complicated and with me just having started, I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage to go through with this for the 3k+ videos I already have (not counting all the livephotos’ videos for which I have another idea).

While I do hope this gets fixed sooner rather later, I’m welcoming any suggestions you may have on improving my workflow.

And in case it’s not obvious, the crux of all those extra steps is that you can’t tag people on an individual video as you have to have at least two videos selected. That’s not helping as I first have to identify and keep track of who is in each video.

This is similar if not a bit more advanced than my way of doing it when I bulk added everything into Mylio.

I would say that going forward it’s not as big of a headache as it’s only a handful you are doing.

One tip for the on going triage rather than backlog I discovered is that you can select a combination of photos and videos and tag with the Other section. Then you tag a face in the photo with the same name and it removes the Other tag. E.g. if I tag a photo and video with Austin, then tag his face in the photo, it then removes the Other tag.

Knowing the above, considerably improved my workflow speed. Especially if I only have 1 video to tag

I would also add that Apple Photos handling of video tagging is a lot worse than Mylio’s, yes there is the multi select oddity but Apple doesn’t even support it in any useful way at all.

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A very simple way to add face tagging in videos would be to allow people to play to a certain frame, pause the video and right click and say “rescan for faces” and then tag just like a photo.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer just added support it seems for videos (i saw it today trying to scan all my videos for faces) and WIndows’ Pictures app does a fabulous job of finding faces in videos, so it’s likely only a matter of time until Mylio adds it to their feature set. But in the meantime, I would love an ability to “rescan for faces” even if I have to pick the frame to scan.

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I support all you suggestions and would add

save current frame as JPEG or Tif.