Wake another device on LAN

Hello. One feature I would like to see is the ability to remotely wake another device through Wake on LAN.
My use case: using my phone to look at / tag some pictures, and realising that I need a better quality of that picture, for instance to export it (thumbnail isn’t good enough for that). If my other devices hosting originals or previews are on sleep, I have to go and turn them on. Wake on LAN would allow this seamlessly.
Of course a headless version running on a home server or NAS would solve this very well, but in the meantime… :slight_smile:

I can get quite hungry when browsing through my library, so a button in Mylio to order my favourite pizza would be nice!

Having a Preview version available easily is very desirable. I have created a workflow for myself that makes this possible whenever I have an internet connection using Amazon Drive. Instead of setting Amazon as a Vault (wanting originals), I have ti set with a custom sync policy for storing the Preview version of all my photos. That way I can always get at least a preview if my device can see Amazon.

Added bonus is that Previews don’t contain any metadata, so even without encrypting my photos I can preserve some privacy. And of course Previews are very space and bandwidth efficient, particularly for RAW images which is a large portion of my library. With Amazon Prime I don’t have to pay for photo storage either.

Thanks JC, interesting workaround, though for me it defeats one of the great advantages of Mylio: not having to rely on a cloud service and their (non-)privacy policies. I’ll try this with encrypted files and my OneDrive, which has more space… Thanks!