Website Feedback: Application Feature Request Voting

Dear Mylio,

This community is a great step forward in sharing tips, usage and while it may add work for you hopefully also users can help each other. So thank you for bringing this to us!

Would it be maybe an idea to also introduce a community feature voting list?

Currently we can “like” comments and feature requested by community users, but its hard to see what would have the highest likes/votes. Maybe would be a great extension of the community forum. And you could maybe indicate what features are being considered or even being developed. And we woudl not have to keep asking the same requests from different users :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering :slight_smile:

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Wow, so many great thoughts here! We are so excited to see the Community take shape here so quickly. We do currently feel we have a good grasp of what our users are asking for and have shaped the focus of Mylio’s development towards it. That said, we still could post polls down the road. If you or anyone here wants to create a poll feel free to do so too!

Click the gear in the new post modal and select “Build Poll”

More options will appear from there.


@Mylio_Michael great suggestion, maybe something to add to the intro of the feedback section then. Will enhance the post accordingly :slight_smile:

@Mylio_Michael, what trust level should we best select for allowing to vote to avoid spam or robots?

@Mylio_Michael …hm… og course its then difficult for us users to have an overview of the voting on different topics

  • mplement voting system for feature requests (different from these polls)

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Everyone should be used. You can not vote unless you are signed in and spam account creation is not likely to happen.

Edit: you can set it to everyone

there is no “everyone” :slight_smile: can i leave it empty?

Give it a shot! This is going to be a bit of the growing pains here. If it requires a trust level just set it to the lowest.

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