What are other people using Keywords for?

I’m a newbie Mylio user coming from Aperture and Photos. My use of keywords in those apps were usually to identify people, or places or sometimes dates. But Mylio looks after all that and with Events and Categories there is a lot of functionality that would normally be done by keywords. Since Mylio’s keywording capabilities are limited ( never mind no hierarchy, I’d be happy with a pick list ) what are some uses of keywords that you are employing?



I add keywords that will be of use to other family members looking at exported images in different apps (mainly people and the place), and keywords that flag print status and processing quirks for my use (which external editor processed the raw, for example).

I use keywords (Tags or Labels) as you would when you submit images to ShutterStock, Viewbug or Gurushots… How do you want the image to be discovered?
I use keywords like animal, tree, flowers, buildings, school, birthday, party, vacation, “any history or detail of the subject” …
Makes finding these images very easy…