What do people do to have a "test" area in their Mylio Library?

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I try to experiment a bit more with Mylio (playing with keyword changes, with image edits, etc), but I would like to separate my experiments from my main library - however Mylio does not support mutiple libraries (IMHO one of the few BIG missing features ).

So my question is: What do people do to have a “test” area in their Mylio Library? Having a separate source folder? Or using a category? And how can the stuff in there than efficiently been “blown away” after finishing the test?

Thanks for any suggestions!

I have a separate top-level folder for this, cleverly called ‘Testing’ to avoid confusion - and it has a category for testing that is inherited by everything under it, so they can be filtered for. The other folders all have a different category, so I can use category filtering to hide the test images. I just delete the images in there when I have finished with them.

It would be so useful to have a preferred filter that gets applied when Mylio starts up, so that testing images don’t show by default.

Thanks @aearenda. Good idea to add the categories!

Deleting the images on an OS level is all it needs? No cleaning in Mylio’s database? And while we talk about deleting: Is moving them to the trash good enough?

YES, YES, YES! I have images with the keyword hidden which I be default want to hide, would be so great if we had a default filter for that!

I delete them from inside Mylio, but if there are any non-XMP third-party sidecars (such as DOPs from PhotoLab) they will need to be deleted from the OS. Mylio will allow OS deletions, so long as you have ‘safe delete’ turned off - otherwise, it will bring the images back from other copies, assuming you are being ‘unsafe’. No database cleaning needed.

Mylio moves images to the trash itself when they are deleted inside Mylio, and yes, that should be sufficient in my experience.

I used to use a ‘hidden’ keyword too, but I found categories to be better for this purpose - inheritable, and easier to filter for.

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Thanks @aearenda. All very insightfull!