What exactly should I do to enable Mylio on multiple iphones with each their own appleid

Hi. I’m Mylio member now for one week and since then imported my full Aperture database om 30000 photos. Next step was to get Mylio set up on my wife’s iphone. But… I found this is not possible as I signed in via Apple instead of email. I found this thread but it looks quite complicated: Multiple Apple ID working on one Mylio library.
Isn’t there an easier way to simply change from logging in with Apple to logging in with my email?? This is going to cost me a lot of time, it seems I even need to cancel my subscription and re-create it… :frowning:

Hello Jack - unfortunately, there is no way for to change the login type from AppleID to something different like an email. So yes, starting over is your best bet here. If you have paid for a subscription we can do a full refund so you can start over. Also, if you have done any organization work, like face tagging, in Mylio we can help you preserve it.

Feel free to send me a PM and I can help you personally.



Hi J.C.
Thanks for helping me out during our 1:1 Zoom call. :clap:
I’m sure once all files are copied, I’ll be able to get Mylio set up on the iPhones of my wife (and I’m sure my kids want it, too). Also nice that you explained on the options of importing from iPhone (and preventing copies in iPhone album and Mylio). Quite smart strategies (maybe even worth a separate webcast).
Excited to learn more and start using Albums and the more you offer.
Have a nice evening :grinning:

Pleasure working with you Jack. Have fun!