What is supposed to happen with "deleted folder" data in a vault?

I use watched folders to import photos to Mylio.
I am also reorganizing my folder structure. That means, contents of root folders get moved to another folders, splitted, etc.
When I empty a folder on my main PC (it is a vault) by moving the files/folders to another watched folder inside my collection, what is supposed to happen with the data in the vaults?
What is supposed to happen (on a vault), if I "unwatch the empty folder in Mylio?

For the second case I see at the moment, that the data is kept on the vault in the original folder, but is no longer having a “Mylio lock” file inside.

This does cost me over 50GB on at least one vault.

Can I delete the folders in the vault not containing “Mylio lock”?
I have safe file system delete switched off.

With the exception of “Relocate Folder/Reconnect”, whatever changes you make on the folder structure of one device will be made on the folder structures of all devices.

So if you move files and then unwatch the empty folder you should see the files move on the vault as well, with the empty folder being deleted (well, it’s top level - I think it will only get removed in Mylio).

I think we may have disconnected that folder before the files were moved out. Do you see the files in the other location on the vault?

You can always close Mylio (File/Exit completely), then rename the folder. If Mylio doesn’t see the change after (I suspect it won’t), you can safely delete it. Give it a few days between the rename and delete to make sure it doesn’t cause issues.