What Mylio files are stored on my laptop if I store all images on my NAS (Vault)

Hi, I’m new to Mylio and busy importing my Aperture database.
I’m using my NAS as vault. So my photos should be safe.
However, what would happen if my laptop would crash? Are there any files on my laptop (that I use to access the NAS) that need to be backed-up?

Also, the referenced files from my Aperture database are also located on the NAS. However, after I imported these in Mylio, I no longer need to keep them, correct?

Thanks for the help!

When you choose the “NAS” option for a vault in Mylio, the database (catalog) files are still stored on your computer. (Unlike the “External HD” option, where the database is stored on the external HD).

If your laptop were to totally die - the image files would still be recoverable. This includes image metadata and Mylio-specific non-destructive Editing commands - which are stored in the XMP sidecar files. You could re-install Mylio on a new computer, and re-import your images into the new Mylio instance.

But there are some things that are ONLY stored in Mylio’s database - such as Album membership, album/folder/calendar cover photos, etc. Always a good idea to back up the database files as well (on a Mac, stored in the User home folder by default).

EDIT: never used Aperture, so can’t comment on that.

If you haven’t already, I recommend the webinars. They might give you some insight in how vaults works and what files goes where.

Thank you for the quick and clear response.

Thank you, I have been watching the first 2 webinars. They are indeed useful. Will also watch the rest.

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