What to do on an extended stay away from your main Mylio computer?

My normal setup is Mylio on my Home PC which holds the Main Vault (#1) on its internal HDD. I have a Synology NAS that holds another Vault (#2) and is constantly synchronized. I have a third external Seagate 4 TB HDD that holds a third Vault (#3) that will synchronize when activated.

I am planning on traveling abroad for the next six months and will not be able to take my home PC due to space constraints. Instead I will have a Dell XPS Laptop where I have a copy of Mylio that synchronizes but does not hold a Vault. I will have to rely on this device to do all of my work.

What is the best way for me to seamlessly work?

What I was thinking of doing (haven’t tried it out yet): Bring the Seagate 4TB Vault (#3) and use it with Mylio on the Laptop. Would there be any synchronization problems by doing it this way? Alternatively I have a 1 TB drive that I can setup as a 4th Vault for my photos.

Any other suggestions or tips for someone who has been in the same situation?

Hi Lucky,

I do this often in one of three ways:

  1. If I’m going to have decent connectivity where I’m going, I leave my main system (desktop with two vaults, NAS and direct attached drive) on and Mylio running. I just turn off my monitors. As I travel and get my laptop, Tablet or phone on good wifi, devices start syncing remotely - Often times my photos get home way before I do.
  2. Portable drive set as vault. If connectivity is going to be an issue, but I plan on having a laptop, then I take my “travel Vault” with me. This is a small form factor, but high capacity drive taht already has my Mylio library.
  3. Create an “Away” folder. I have Top Level folder in Mylio called “Away” it is set up with custom sync on all my devices to want Originals. As I travel, I move any new photos to that folder so the originals get sync into any available device. So if you, for example, lose your phone but still have your tablet, your originals are still with you. Once I get home or have good connectivity I move the photos out of the “Away” folder into their proper place so I can make room for more Originals.

Seems option #2 might be the best solution for you. Take the laptop and the Seagate 4TB vault with you - that will give you your entire library including originals without adding too much to the internal laptop drive.

Thanks, I think I am going with Option #2. I tested it at home just now, setting up my laptop with the external HDD vault. I plan to copy the files directly to the Vault on the external HDD.

When I get back to my home computer in a year, I presume that it will simply be able to just synchronize all of the files and the other Vaults at home will be automatically updated with all of the new photos from the External HDD Vault (I tested this and it seems to work great).

I guess the risk is if I lose my external HDD while travelling. To mitigate this risk, I plan to upload the new photo files directly to Dropbox in an away folder - sort of a variation on Option 3.

Thanks for your feedback!

For Option #1, do you have to VPN into your home network to synchronize? Or can it be done over the Internet?

That will depend on the type of internet access & router setup you have in the remote location. A public wifi hotspot - good idea to use VPN anyway. A regular home router, probably can connect direct device-to-device. I believe worst case - even without a VPN, Mylio should still be able to relay packets thru one of their TURN servers, unless you’ve some kind of super-locked-down firewall.

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