What's the difference between a Vault computer & a Vault drive?

I’ve got one computer set to Auto-Optimized storage, but with a HDD attached as a Vault (my local failsafe for the last few months. I’ve just added another HDD to another computer set to Auto-Optimized storage, but the second computer does not seem to be synchronising from the first over the network? Or should the second computer start to sync from Google Drive? Neither seems to be happening right now and I’m a bit confused.

Can’t comment on what is happening without more detail, but to answer the question in the title, think of Vault as a policy for a device, rather than a device type.

Any device type can be made a Vault or not - it’s (mostly) just a sync policy on that device.

In terms of your question - is your External HDD showing up in the sync panel? Is it showing up as orange? If you want, send in a support request with a subject of:

ForDeon: Mattbee 3915

Just leave the rest as default, and I can take a quick look to see why it’s not syncing. (If you don’t hear back from me, just ping me on here).

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Ok, I think I may need more info. At the time you sent the logs the machine that you were sending from definitely was busy copying files & videos down to the removable drive.

I think I need to know the names of the actual devices that you’re having problems with (and maybe some filenames that you had a problem with), since I’m not sure what to look for. The best may be to contact support with the specific details.

Thank you! Assuming you didn’t do anything 5 days ago, the sync completed after a few hours, so it does in fact work the way I expected (phew!). But the progress was frozen for at least an hour (the up/down arrows & the numbers), so I assumed it was stuck for some reason.