When creating a new person, middle name goes into the Last Name field by default (I'd say a BUG)

When creating a new person with 3 names, the 2nd name automatically goes into the Last Name field. Perhaps this works for names like van Olsen or similar but I often include middle names (being a family historian) and it is annoying that they default to be part of the last name.

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Your mileage may vary. As a French user, it’s very uncommon to use middle names, but more common to have double surnames. Maybe this can depend on Mylio’s language?

Perhaps a better fix would be to add an actual Middle Name field?

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Agree that adding a middle name would be a better option as it in then unambiguous

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Would indeed - if required at all - opt for a separate field for “other” names.
With no disrespect. The use of the middle name is very us/American I. The way they use it.
I have actually 4 names and a surname in Two words. While never use my other 3 names my surname stays in two words and many counties have surnames with multiple words.
Think we have a bit more global here. First name is “first” name. Not first and seconds. (Or I need first, seconds, third and fourth ;). Where do you stop. (Ps: if you are wondering in many counties people have more than one first name but mainly US is using it in daily live.

Good point. I think I’ll need to adjust my procedure to just type in two names, then add the middle name at the ‘create contact’ stage as less onerous than changing it.