When I can delete my Photos on my iphone?


I make 99% of my photos with my iphone. Before I am using Mylio I upload my photos to Flickr and delete them on my iphone.

With Mylio I am not sure, at what time I can delete them on my iPhone…


Safest way would be to have Mylio delete them from your phone camera roll for you. Mylio will only delete a photo on your phone if the photo has been save in original form elsewhere (like one of your vaults). You can find more info about it here: Free Up Space on Camera Roll or Media Library - Mylio Support

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Thanks JC

Done this, but only deleted 1 picture. But I always receive the error message

“Sync your devices
Your device “XXXX” needs originals. Connect the device now and begin syncing”

But I connect my device… and I received this error message all the time.

All your devices need to be on, running Mylio, and on on the same local network for sync to work. So your computer, phone, and any storage you’re using as a vault all need to be online in the the Mylio devices screens. If you’re already doing that and still having issues I suggest you email the support team at support@mylio.com. You can send them an email right from the app under the help menu and they’ll receive logs from your system - that way they can diagnose and offer a solution.

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But no sync activities are displayed in “notifications and activity”

Ah I see you’re using the sync panel. Looks like your drive there still wants 75 original photos. If you go to Dashboard → Devices → YourDrive → Show Files to Sync, Mylio will display the actual photos that still need to be synced.

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I think he wants a lot originals :slight_smile:

Is it OK when Screensaver is active at the imac or does this stop sync?

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Seems all originals are saved. I have approx. 3000 photos on my iPhone and I am using Mylio > Settings > Free up space on this device but still 0 files meet your criteria to be deleted. My criteria are

  • Delete media older than 14 days (which are a lot)


Yeah you’re missing a lot of originals indeed. MacOS and Windows devices will let you run Mylio on the background even if the screen saver is active. On mobile devices, Mylio has to be on the foreground and active.

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There might be more going on here - are you using iCloud photos on your Phone?

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No, no icloud, just the normal photo roll on the iphone

But the sync display changes now to this

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-30 um 23.35.03

So I think it will take a time to sync this amount of photos

Ok. We can do one of two things - send an email to support from the app, so they have all the info (the logs will even show sync status for all devices), or post a picture of your entire sync panel here.

I would suggest the support option, but happy to take one more look if you’d like. You cna also just wait it out a bit and make sure everything has a chance to sync.

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Hey JC, thank you so much for your help. I will write the support from my app but also you find here the whole sync panel.

Yeah support is the way to go on this one. For that iMac that you deleted, go to devices on your Dashboard and “Unregister” that device. Mylio is still looking for it otherwise and that could be part of the sync issue.

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That’s actually not the entire sync panel. Can you click on Library at the top, and then paste it again?

And could you also navigate to the folder for the iPhone camera roll and paste the sync panel for that folder.

(I suspect the issue is that the device that have a copy of the iPhone camera roll has the files cached, but isn’t set to permanently KEEP them, in which case it’s not considered to be a valid protected file for the purpose of cleaning the camera roll).

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Hi Dean

Thanks for your reply. See attachment

What do you mean exactly with:
“And could you also navigate to the folder for the iPhone camera roll and paste the sync panel for that folder.”


This never changed for hours, always same amount of photos

This is also strange, 14 days ago last sync??? Not possible, it’s connected for days now.