Where do my photos imported int Mylio land?

When I import photos into Mylio, I am assuming they don’t land on my HD as that would be way to small. So, where do they eventually land? I think that somehow Io tell Mylio where to land them which will most likely be a vault / external HD. Is this correct?

If you’re actualy importing photos (not Source Folders) then they will be placed into the \Mylio\Mylio Pictures folder on the computer doing the importing. This folder needs to have enough space to hold all the original files being imported & create thumbs/previews for them.

After the import - those originals, previews, and thumbs are synced to your other devices/vaults for backup. If your computer has a limited Device Quality setting in Mylio - say, “Thumbnails-Only” - the “unwanted” originals & previews will be considered “cached”. They will eventually be deleted as needed to free up space.

Hi Marius - I recommend you either join or watch one of our importing and consolidation webinars. There we go over where your photos go when you import them, and discuss how to use an external drive to save your originals.

You can sign up for upcoming webinars at Webinars - Mylio and you can watch previous recordings on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/mylioapp