Where to find crop tool


I’m experiencing trouple finding the crop tool.
Under the edit section I only see the attached options in overview and when I click “edit photo” - but I cannot see the crop tool :grimacing:

Thanks a lot for any help!

keyboard R when the photo is open for editing, or Photo/ Crop and Rotate in the drop down menu

Not too long ago, the crop tool was moved in the UI from the row including red eye, brush and so on, to the right-hand end of the row at the top including the trash and share.
Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 6.48.49 am
Since then, my experience is that it plays hide-and-seek - it only shows when you have a single image in edit mode, and you have to move back and forth between images to make it appear - just changing into edit mode often doesn’t make it show.

This is a bug that can cause the crop icon to disappear. We have a fix included in the next update. Sorry that you’ve run into this!

For now, the easiest workaround is to either use the R key on your keyboard or use the “Photo” menu to select “Crop & Rotate” while in single-photo view.

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