White box instead of preview. How to regenerate?

I have some images where the preview os white. I can seem to force it to regenerate the preview.

How do I do this?

I have recently had to do some recovery work owing to a problem outside Mylio, and I have many black previews and/or thumbnails now! They are not missing - the thumbnail and preview files are there, but they are black. Or occasional greens, or previews with odd light or dark rendering. It seems to happen when Mylio suddenly has to process hundreds of images it has just found in its existing folders.

To fix them, this generally works for me: select the bad ones, start the console from the help menu, then do the following commands:

steal selected
clearthumb selected apply
reparseimages selected force apply

However, sometimes I find I have to do a minor edit on the image to make Mylio regenerate the preview - a tiny crop works unless the image was externally edited.

I hope that helps…

P.S. The reparse command will re-read any embedded metadata from the images, such as ratings or labels - you may not want that.
Also, sometimes the clearthumb command works second time around. It’s a mystery.

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Thank you. This worked. At first I thought it did not as it took a minute or so to update but then it did.