Whitelist for folders - multi-user

I have the possibility to define on each device per folder in which quality (thumbnail, preview, original) the sync is done.

Do I have the possibility to make only certain folders visible on a certain device and thus only sync these? I thought of a kind of whitelist.

We want to make some of the photos available to the grandparents on one device. And I want to use the whitelist to make sure what can be seen.

After reading

it seems so whether there is no way to do it.

So I was thinking. Is the mylio database device or user dependent?
Can I run on one computer (windows) 2 mylio databases (for two different local user)?

All db related data seems to be in c:\users%username%\AppData\Local\Mylio

But each data folder has a
file. It could be a unique file for the database.
But I am not sure whether there would be problems if more than one Mylio database is accessing a specific folder.

And before I try this I want to ask here first.

My idea was to have one main account (Mylio Create) for User_A and one smaller account (Mylio Free with a mobile device in guest mode) for User_B on the same master computer (vault).
Is this possible?

It’s possible, but only on Windows. To do so, run your second instance of Mylio with /rootSuffix


Mylio.exe /rootSuffix Pluto

(Substitute the word Pluto for whatever makes sense for you to identity your second instance. It just can’t have a space in the name.)

Will create:


and will create a MylioPluto in the registry. It will also have a separate .MYLock_ file as long as you log in with a separate user account.

So then create 2 different shortcuts for the two different versions of Mylio. Generally the easiest is to just create a new shortcut first, then go into the properties and add the /rootSuffix. You can run both of them simultaneously if you want.

This is not officially supported, but it’s widely used by our developers internally. I’ve been running this way for many years. There is some caveats if you have two rootSuffixes logging in on the same account, but doesn’t sound like something you are looking to do.

Fascinating… I wonder if you could do it on a Mac by having a second account set up under a different username, logged in for syncing in the background, and sharing desired folders between the two using symlinks?

Once I asked a similar question, I got following reply:

I was looking for something like that. Even better that I do not even have to use another user account (via runas).

Heads up - if you upgrade to the latest Mylio (3.17), we’ve moved to the new Windows installer system that no longer installs applications under C:\Program Files.

If you still want to use /rootSuffix just download the binary from:


Unzip it to a folder using any .zip program, and run /rootSuffix from there.