Who is this? box needs to float

In People>single photo>face tagging ON: sometimes with a large group in a photo, the Who is this? box sits right over untagged people and cannot be moved out of the way. Could it be made to “float” or to be moved around? This would be powerful when combined with the CTRL “0” to ignore untagged images. Right now, I can’t always be sure I have tagged all those I want tagged before invoking the “ignore untagged” ones.

Thanks for the suggestion. One thing you can try in the meantime is zooming into the photo.

Hhmm, seems to work well. Could be easier to have us use that than trying to code and control the “float” idea. I’ll work with it a bit more tomorrow.

That reminds me of something I meant to mention, but that doesn’t probably warrant a full request…

That “Who is this” box is sometimes hard to determine as to which image it is pointing to… the tiny black “arrow” on a dark background… could it be shaped or colored more prominently? Again, I’ll try to discern tomorrow whether this is such an issue when working under the “zoom condition” you suggested. Might not be such a problem.

Anyway, thanks for the prompt response.

Just did a quick test. 1. Under zoom, the “Who is this” box does float around a bit, but that is because the picture is shifting under the box, not because I could shift the box under my control. 2. Under zoom, it IS easier to see precisely what the box is pointing to. 3. The essence of that box is to point at a particular image. Allowing it to float would mean that if I moved it too far, it would have to put up a new set of guesses according to whatever image I passed it over. Not a good idea, I think.

I am therefore going to withdraw my suggestion about a floating box, and instead just suggest that you tell us about - maybe with a little video or help page - about how to zoom. Sure, the image is less clear when it is zoomed, but we’re just tagging a name, not editing the image.