Why is my iphone uploading?

I’ve gone through a few rounds of installing\uninstalling this software as I’ve figured out what works best for me (started with a clean install most recently). I know what works best for me right now, but I’m a little confused about the implementation.
My setup:

  1. My phone backs up photos to a variety of places, I do NOT want to copy photos from the phone to my mylio desktop (where originals are kept). I am doing this mainly because I don’t want to deal with any duplicates and I don’t want to have to keep originals on the phone.
  2. I have about 100,000 photos on my desktop. I’ll copy over new iphone photos from the icloud to my mylio library.

My question:
I do not have a source folder on my desktop related to my ios devices. I only have a single source “photo library” where I keep all my photos. During setup of the ios device I indicated that I did not want to upload photos. Why is my iphone uploading data to my desktop? I’m not sure what data is being uploaded or where it is going but that’s what’s indicated in the device status.

Thanks for any guidance.

Where exactly in Mylio are you seeing this indication of “uploading data to your desktop”? Dashboard? Sync Panel? Activity Pane? Console? Elsewhere? Seeing this on your iPhone Mylio or on your Desktop Mylio?

Would help to show us a screen shot of what you’re seeing.

Some of Mylio’s status tools can be confusing - they’re sometimes not clear between up arrows vs. down arrows, uploading files vs. requesting files, etc.

Thanks for the quick response. I’m looking at the device status. As you can see there’s 2 numbers with green arrows. I would assume this is upload and download but maybe not? Thanks again!

I think this is where Mylio’s new Dashboard - as nice as it is - can be confusing, and really needs some work. I think the green down-arrow on your phone device means it’s RECEIVING files from another device. Which would make sense as it’s getting thumbnails (and/or previews depending on settings) from your main library.

The Dashboard documentation is confusing & needs to be fixed:

A green down arrow indicates that the device is sending media from another device.

This literally makes no sense - how does a device “send media from another device”? This is a typo IMHO, which should read “receiving media from another device”.

A green up arrow indicates that the device is sending media to another device

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