Will this product work for me

I read Oct 10 - can mylio work for me?
Our situation: want to copy iCloud photos (and possibly from iPhone) to a NAS drive and preserve the album structure. According to CopyTrans Cloudly, there is 600GB of photos. I understand that the PC has to be on. How much overhead (how much memory would I need in the PC)? This computer is also used to manipulate the photos and use Adobe photo products. Can we move the files from iCloud onto the NAS with your product (so we can stop paying for additional space)? We also want to upload the photos to OneDrive - business - if your product can’t do that, we have one that should be able to. Also, all of the pictures should be accessible (viewable) to my MAC and mobile devices - securely. And, some folders and pictures will be shared with others. If we can do this, are there any potential issues/gotchas? Regarding backups, would it be better to keep all of the pictures in iCloud rather than OneDrive due to metadata and the new MAC picture format?