Win10: Source Folders on E:

All my photos are on the E drive. My C drive is a small SSD and my D drive is a slow HD. I can’t move my photos.
When I try to select the source folders on E:, I am told I can only have source folders on C and D.
When I “import from external” and choose “Dont move”, still all photos are copied to my C drive and fill it up!!

How can I use source folder on the E: (which is an internal SSD!) drive without having the photos copied to the C drive?

You can go into Setting \ Source Folders, and add them from there. (Rather than from Import, or during initial installation).

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Sadly I cant select source folders from E, I get the message that only C and D are supported.

Can you perhaps post a screenshot of what you see in here? (The error message).

The only restriction should be that you have to select an individual folder - you can’t select the root directory itself. (So something like E:\Media should work).

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Thank you for taking your time for this :slight_smile:

It tells me its an external drive (and then copies all pictures to my profile on C because of that) while E: is an internal SSD

I did delete the data in appdate, reset Mylio, did NOT import but add E:\folder as a source folder, got the warning.
BUT: nothing is copied on C: so far.
I think I did an Import the first time I used it since it asked me to import.

I will monitor it if it will copy files to C now or not :slight_smile:

May I ask another thing that just came up, also about folders

After adding the folder for 2020, I also added the folder for 2019 photos. And I got a strange message, I can still override and add, but what does it mean and how can I get correct it?