Won't open 2nd Time / Working offline

I installed it, went through all the first steps, it opened, I tagged a few photos and then exited. Now it won’t open again and says incompatible with my system.

I was also wondering if I could use the program while I am offline / off the grid?

Thank you,

Maybe you can give us a little more information about your system. Is it a computer? A mobile device? Running Windows or Mac OS? How long between the time you install it and when you tried to run it again? Anything happen in between, like a Operating System upgrade?

Any, all that info would help better determine why you’re having issues.

As for working offline, yes absolutely! That is one of the key design features of Mylio, that it maintains your entire library in your devices so that you can always access it and work offline.

So sorry, it’s been a while since I communicated with anyone! :slight_smile: I have gone a different direction so am not in need of this information after all. I do appreciate your response!