Workflow and Collaboration

My wife and I take a lot of photos on trips, and we like to work together to sort things out at the end of the day. Here are the Mylio features we use.

  1. Sync policies keep the catalogs on each of our devices small. She’s got an Ipad; I’ve got a laptop with a smallish SSD drive. Either one is big enough to handle a full day’s photos and videos, plus highlights from previous days. We set our sync policies to keep full versions of photos with three or more stars.

  2. We use a travel router to network our devices together. Synchronization happens fairly quickly.

  3. When it’s convenient, I’ll hook up an external drive with a vault to my laptop. As soon as originals are archived there, space is recovered on our devices.

  4. Meanwhile, we’ll collaborate on the day’s photos. She usually does the ratings. I’m in charge of optimization on the laptop. I filter for 3-stars, and crop, correct exposure, whatever. Optimized photos get moved to four stars. Synchronization to the Ipad happens fairly quickly. If my wife wants to post some to facebook or wherever, she’ll do it from the Ipad.

  5. Usually I create a folder for each day, or for each trip destination. Eventually, I’ll go back to folders for previous destinations and change the sync policy so that no originals are kept, to recover space.

  6. When we’ve got good Wifi, originals sync to vaults at home and to Google Drive.


I really like the idea of using stars to mark different stages of workflow. Thanks!

We actually have a few other steps using stars. During our initial scan, one star means probable delete, two stars means keep for now, three stars mark the heroes. If my wife marked the deletes, I’ll double check them, and vice versa. Sometimes she or I see something in a deleted photo that the original rater missed. I go back and delete the one-stars after a week or so.


I do a similar thing for marking deletes using a Red Label. Every blurry, accidental or otherwise undesirable photo I mark with a red tag. I can quite rapidly go through a lot of photos using the auto-advance feature. Then, same as you, I delete everything at once about once a week.