Workflow suggestions for DxO PureRaw

I recently discovered DxO PureRaw and am considering adding it to my workflow with Mylio to improve the editing results I get out of Mylio.

PureRaw works by processing camera RAW files and generating new DNG files which can be subsequently edited. I would prefer to keep my original RAW files also, but don’t want duplicates of every photo in my Mylio catalog.

Is there a way to “stack” multiple RAW file versions of the same picture within Mylio the way the XMP, _display.jpg, and RAW (CR2 in my case) RAW files can be stacked?

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to add PureRaw to their Mylio workflow?


I thought that having the same filename should do the trick, but it actually doesn’t work.

If I remember right, this (or something similar) was working, but it is not working even with a jpg+raw+tiff “stack”.

Not even after removing the file and adding it again (move to a folder outside the source folders and adding again, after removed from database).

Maybe the Mylio staff has more information.