Working with the map is infuriating

As much as I love Mylio, GPS-tagging is cumbersome and then some.

  • The most annoying behavior of the map is that it ALWAYS zooms out to world level. I zoomed down to a town or area, I click the pin to see those photos, I click the back button on the top left and BOOM I see the entire world again. How is this useful? Maybe I would like to stay in that view and sort more photos to the locations in the current view?

  • When right-clicking on a pin to move it, the user has to intentionally select “Edit Location” and then pops up a completely unnecessary requester to confirm this intent. Then, the pin starts to wiggle and can be moved, and THEN the user still has to click the checkmark to confirm - at this point, the user could still undo the action with the red cross on the pin - and even after that, there is the undo feature in the menu bar… please just get rid of this requester. It’s pointless.

If I wasn’t so upset about the constant zooming back to world view, I could probably list more things to improve. But I am giving up now and hope that this is fixed really soon. Thanks!



I was looking for a particular image yesterday, and decided to try map view since I knew roughly where the image was taken. I have lots of images from the same area. I zoomed in to the map, and tried the first cluster - the image wasn’t there. I backed out of that, expecting to try the next cluster - and found myself at the world level again, as @SplitMind says. Frustrated by thinking I did something wrong, I drilled in to the right area again, but by this time I had forgotten which cluster I had already checked, and I ended up in the same one. I backed out and… well you know the rest by now. I gave up on the map view.

It really does need to remember the zoom level when you back out of a cluster of photos.

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Agreed, I am also very annoyed that the map centers on the geographic center of my photos. It makes sense, but since roughly 90 % of my photos are taken in Sweden and 3-4 % in China, I usually need to pan the map from Kazakstan.

So that’s why I always start centred somewhere in the sea!

The map resetting after going into grid view is a known bug - we’re working on it :slight_smile:


Likewise - I was wondering why Mylio kept centering my map on Panama! Thought perhaps Mylio LLC was secretly incorporated there, or something like that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Makes sense since I have photos ranging N/S from Alaska to Antarctica, and E/W from Africa to Japan.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good job, Mylio team!

  • Map view stays where it last was

  • Unnecessary requesters and alerts seem gone