Wrong file/folder dates (i.e. Jan 1 - Dec 31,0) when importing from Google Photos

Hi there

I’ve recently had issues with many duplicate folders (LINK) which ended up me starting a new catalog from scratch.

Having restarted my account and resetting everything to factory state I have imported all media from two mobile phones (iPhone & Android).

First observation here is that Android app is super unstable and kept crashing continuously for ~15+ times in a row. Not sure if that’s just me but … I wasn’t impressed by it’s behavior at all.

Now - I moved to importing a chunk (~300 albums or so) of my Google Photos collection that I had built over a number of years (started with Picasa when it was first originally launched).

The problem I discovered is with incorrect file & folder dates after import.

Please find the screenshots below:

  1. Let’s focus on this album in Google Photos as an example. It has some pictures with dates from a given time range

  2. After importing to Mylio this is what I get (Jan 1 - Dec 31,0)
    Mylio - Bread Baking 02

  1. Looking into the metadata section it reveals the proper date when a picture was taken

How can I fix this ?

I understand there can be photos in a given album taken in different years but ultimately a common folder date based either on oldest or newest file is still better than this mysterious (Jan 1 - Dec 31,0)

Did you create a ticket via Mylio about this? They usually react very quick and when there is a bug they will take it to the Devs…


Yes - I did and got a reply very quickly, indeed !
We actually ended up exchanging quite a few e-mails back and forth as what was initially an issue with some photos not having the right metadata resulted later in a corrupted catalog entries.
Needless to say we’ve managed to get it back under control.