Zoom to Face removed from People view?

The main People view page had before a Zoom to Face option in the settings, this seems to have been removed and only full pictures are now available.
WOudl it be possible to re-enable Zoom to Face please on the main People view? (Its still available in an individual person page but not on the main page)


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@Mylio_Michael Any chance to have the “Zoom to Face” option back on the People view? its no longer available since a few updates.

Hi @LucLL - thanks for asking about this and sorry for the delay. I wanted to look into this and see if there was reasoning for us removing this toggle but I actually can’t find a build of Mylio that has ever had the “Zoom to Face” option at the top level of People view. I went back through Mylio builds up until about a year and a half ago (April 2019) and there hasn’t been a toggle since.

However! We did find that Mylio’s default behavior used to be to zoom to face on the person’s album, where now it does not zoom at all. This is something we can look at changing back since there doesn’t seem to be a record of intentional change. (In other words, you found a bug! Thanks!).

Sorry if this disrupted your workflow. Let me know your thoughts.

Hi @Mylio_Matt. Thanks for coming back to this.
I actually just found that since yesterday the people view shows again zoom to face, except for 2 people where it still shows the entire picture. Don’t know why it changed.

Same for when I open the pictures of a specific person. When I open those that have zoom to face, then also all their pictures are zoom to face. When I open the 2 people pictures that doe not have zoom to face on the main people view, then also their individual pictures are not zoom to face.
So out of 135 people, 2 are not zoom to face now and the applies also to the pictures within their people view.

Hope this helps.

Hi Matt,

Much appreciate the effort you took to look into this.
While you could not find the toggle (must be me :)) appreciate you identified the difference in behviour and looking forward to the fix.

That said, since few days I now have again Zoom to Face on the top level. What changed it I dont know. There are still 2 people that do not Zoom, neither their pictures inside the album (all others now seem to zoom)

Hope it helos to further address, this.

Thanks again.

So strange.

Just to confirm: when you say “top level” you mean the top level of People view, where the different people containers are listed. Not the “top level” of an individual person, where a grid of photos of the person is shown.

Hi Matt,
Yes top level I mean where all the different people are shown.

Hi Matt,

Just wanted to share the latest i noticed.
There are pictures in the “Confirmed” category of the people where that actual person has not been tagged in. SO I guess those shoudl actually be proposed instead of Confirmed.
Also one of the piuctures where I tagged a person myself as it was not recognized, that picture does not zoom to face in the overview of that particular person whie all other pictures do.

Just wanted to share my last findings.

Hey @LucLL - thanks for the additional information. We’re going to be doing some work in People view soon and I’ll be sure to have the engineer check out these assorted issues and see if we can put them to rest. Don’t hesitate to update this thread with any additional findings or let me know if you find anything highly interrupting your workflow that we can immediately address.

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Just for an update, the top level of the People view is not having Zoom to Face. Some people sometimes have it but if i wait a while it changes to full picture instead.
Would still be nice to have zoom-to-face again on the top level.

I agree with you! It should be easy to bring it back?